With pensions nearly obsolete and Social Security not increasing anytime soon, many seniors struggle with maintaining enough cash flow during retirement. In recent years, the traditional reverse mortgage has helped many seniors live better by increasing cash flow and eliminating their mortgage payment for life.


However, while the benefit of generating more cash flow now is appealing, most seniors also desire to preserve enough equity in their home to help provide for their heirs in the future.

One of the questions we commonly hear is:


“Can a reverse mortgage help me increase my cash flow AND help me preserve enough equity to pass on my children?” 


The Answer is YES – With ReverseFLEX! 


What is ReverseFLEX?

ReverseFLEX is a flexible reverse mortgage product designed to help seniors increase their cash flow and preserve their home equity.


How Does it Work?

Upon securing a ReverseFLEX mortgage loan from our reverse mortgage lenders, you select the payment option that is best suited for you. Depending on changing lifestyle and cash flow needs, you always have the flexibility to switch to one of the other payment options at any time.


ReverseFLEX Options:


1.     Traditional Reverse:

       Eliminate your mortgage payment for life and maximize your monthly cash flow.

2.     Hybrid Reverse:

      Make a partial mortgage payment each month to generate additional cash flow and maximize your future equity.

3.     Delayed Reverse:

       Secure a reverse mortgage now to ensure qualification into the program based on today’s low rates and high current home values. Continue making full mortgage payments until retirement to maintain the loan balance. Upon retirement, decide which payment plan works best based on your desired cash flow and home equity needs.


Note: For all plans, the borrower still pays property taxes and insurance


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